Why I got involved in politics

I began in politics as a volunteer for Labour Party TD Ruairi Quinn.  It was his passion, intelligence and commitment that inspired me to get involved myself.  I followed his sense of justice for all and his desire to have a better quality of life for the working people and families of Ireland.

Everything that he got behind was about the rights of the individual and how the State could support those rights.  He also knew what aspects of society and government needed to move and change to further these aims and he worked doggedly to make them move.  I watched as Ireland changed over the twenty years in times of prosperity and recession. 

I watched as the Labour party was asked by the voters to come in and sort out the financial and societal issues in the state and then how it was blamed for many of the hard decisions.  I now want to play a much more active role in bringing those same policies to local government.

My priorities

The Ballymun and Finglas areas should be places where families can live, work and play safely and happily.  That means that there should be quality housing, childcare, schools, healthcare, public transport and jobs - for everyone who wants them at a price they can afford.  That is the goal for all places in Ireland but more so for Ballymun and Finglas where a small minority engage in anti-social behaviour and crime and make the situation worse for the majority. 

The area deserves a disproportionate amount of investment to make up for the years of neglect that it suffered and I want to champion that cause.  That means more investment in all types of housing, employment opportunities and local amenities - balanced across the community.

My background

I have been involved in charity, community and education projects from the age of 16.  I have been a volunteer in multiple children's charities and initiatives; Tallaght West Childcare Development Initiative, Youth Horizons and The Children’s' Rights Alliance. 

My first job after college was with Children At Risk in Ireland (a therapy service for children affected by sexual abuse).  I am a secondary school teacher of science and technology and am an active supporter of the Educate Together organisation.  I volunteer in the local GAA club (Na Fianna) and I am a Peace Commissioner for the Area.  I am also involved in the local resident’s association. 

My track record in each of these organisations is one of expansion and transformation.  From securing in excess of One Million euro for CARI through grant aid to the introduction of best-in-class distance learning and IT facilities in the school where I teach.  I was also chairperson of the Fitness to Practice committee of the Medical Council.

Clubs and Committees

I am the Juvenile Secretary in Na Fianna GAA Club and an active member of the Local Residents Association.