Why I got involved in politics

I want to take an active role in making our country a more just, compassionate and equal society.

I believe everyone should be entitled to dignity in their work, a decent standard of living, and meaningful time to enjoy the important things in life.

My priorities

Cavan is full of talented people, from skilled professionals to renowned figures in the arts. Both our national and local governments should do everything they can to allow everyone here to reach their full potential.

I will be a progressive advocate for our county who wants Cavan to prosper. I want to see Cavan’s urban centres looking vibrant, our housing estates properly provided for with amenities for young people, and local public transport supported and expanded.

I also strongly believe in local government that is proactive, and takes responsibility for housing. We must ensure that there is always an appropriate supply of both social and affordable homes.

I want to see public land used for projects that benefit and serve people living here.

My background

My name is Liam van der Spek and I am proud to be the Labour Party Local Representative in the Cavan-Belturbet area.

I grew up in Cavan town and attended St. Patrick’s College before graduating with a degree in Computer Science from UCD. Both of my parents have worked in public healthcare all their lives.

I work as a data engineer at a major Irish non-profit organisation.