Why I got involved in politics

  • I got involved in politics because I want to be a new voice for Waterford. I am a young  female candidate and there is a need for more Female candidates within our Councils.
  • I am running in the next Local Election because I am passionate about my local community and city, Waterford is the best place in Ireland to live, work and study and I want Waterford to keep that title. But we face challenges and I want to help Waterford grow and to be progressive for our city and its people.
  • I believe Waterford and the Southeast can act as a counter pull to Dublin, but for that to happen there are key issues that need to be addressed such as a shortage of affordable and Local Authority housing, Mental Health, Addiction and Disability services and the closure of our Airport, these are some of the key issues I am committed to tackling. 

My priorities

  • My priorities for my community include to make Waterford’s North- West Suburbs a more connected and vibrant community, there is a seven-year plan that aims to make sure this happens. 
  • Ferrybank has proven to be a problematic area for flooding as this makes the main city vein impassable this needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.
  • Tramore needs more affordable childcare places, Upgraded Skate Park, Foot paths sorted through out the town. There are future plans for an Urban Greenway between Tramore and Waterford City. Tramore have a great Eco group set up out there (Tramore Eco Group) and it’s a credit to them that the town and beach area is spotless lets hope this can continue.
  • I am committed to a greener Waterford and here are many more changes that I would like to see happening to our City  Waterford is the oldest city in Ireland and let’s keep promoting that and get more and more tourist back in to our City and also make it a safe city for everyone.

My background

  • I was born in Limerick lived there for 20 years, I moved to Waterford, and I am living here the last 23 years . I have one daughter. I currently work in Waterford Council and have done so for the last 17 years and here I have covered various sections from Roads, Finance, Corporate, Customer Services, Housing and currently in Community. 
  • I am a keen swimmer and my favourite place to swim is off the beach in Tramore. I swim most of the year. I like walking and attend the Gym. 
  • I am involved in the Credit Committee of Waterford Credit Union.