With Duncan Smith:

Monday's 6pm - 7pm Rush Community Centre, 7pm - 8pm Lusk Cottage Community Centre

Why I got involved in politics

Got involved to represent my local community to advocate for better facilities in the area. Grew up fascinated by politics.

I reckoned that getting involved is better than shouting from the side-lines. Joined Labour as the Party's values, particularly that of fairness, mirror my own.

My priorities

The sustainable development of the Rush Lusk Local Electoral Area.

Facilities for young people in particular are stretched in my area and I am passionate about advocating for new education facilities, open spaces (Rogerstown Park), youth facilities and commercial facilities in the area.

My background

  • B.Sc in Psychology, M.Sc in Political Science & H.Dip in Data Analytics,
  • Co-opted in 2018, elected in 2019.
  • Deputy Mayor of Fingal 2020/21,
  • Chair of Housing SPC 2019 - present,
  • Chair of Operations Committee 2020/21,
  • Works as a data analyst in the Not for Profit Sector.