New Deal for Housing

Ireland needs secure affordable housing, security of tenure for renters and a more ambitious public housing programme.

What a New Deal for Housing means for Ireland.

A New Deal for Housing would mean secure and affordable housing, security of tenure for renters, and a more ambitious public housing programme.

Home ownership should be a legitimate aspiration for people, but too many are locked out. Years of prosperity have been wasted by successive governments on tackling the issue of our time. Labour would take action to end the overreliance on private investors in the market and take a State-led approach to building more homes and housing more people.

We need the State to deliver up to 20,000 homes a year which must be a mix of housing stock for families, for first time buyers, for single people.

Renters are too often forgotten by government. We need to implement a three year rent freeze to stop already unaffordable rents rising even higher, but we also need a culture shift to change the serious power imbalance between landlords and renters.

We want to follow the lead of other European countries and bring our rental rights’ into the 21st century. Renters should have a right to an unfurnished property, they should have the right to own a pet or hang their washing out to dry. They should be able to make their house their home.

We believe everyone has a right to housing and fully support a referendum on housing in this country to ensure Ireland takes a fairer approach to putting a roof over everyone’s head.

Renters' Rights

 We need to ensure renting becomes a long-term, viable and sustainable option for people in Ireland which is what Labour’s Renters’ Rights Bill seeks to do. 

Social and affordable housing

Social and Affordable Housing

Housing for All still doesn’t deliver enough State-led social and affordable housing. Labour wants to build 20,000 homes per year to address existing need and unmet demand.

Housing Supports for Women Experiencing Domestic Abuse

Labour would ensure that victims of domestic abuse are given access to accommodation and housing supports – regardless of their tenure status or home ownership status – in situations where the abuser is a joint tenant or co-owner of the property, until such a time as the victim’s tenancy or ownership is resolved.

Affordable Student Accommodation

For too long, students have been viewed as cash cows for property investors. Labour want to protect purpose-built student accommodation and ensure it is not converted into tourist accommodation.

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