National Autism Empowerment Strategy

Labour has developed a National Autism Empowerment Strategy to change how the health care, educational, employment and social needs of people with autism are to be addressed, with parity of access as the underpinning goal

For too long the autistic community have had to fight at every corner for support. That’s why Labour developed a National Autism Empowerment Strategy which received support from the government in 2021. Months have passed and there has been no action taken. We are calling on government to implement this strategy now. 

This strategy takes a right-based approach to the inclusion and acceptance of autistic people in Irish life, that recognises the significant strengths of autistic people and that places their voices, and those of their families at the heart of planning and decision making process, is underpinned by a budget and by draft legislation. 

There is also a real need for a sustained autism inclusiveness campaign to equip everyone with the best information and end any biases, conscious or otherwise. We have much to learn as a society about the autism community to ensure that we are building inclusive communities. One tangible way to bridge this information gap is the inclusion of a question on autism in the next national census to determine the number of autistic people in the State.

Autistic people and their families must be empowered to live full and independent lives rooted in the fundamental dignity of every human being.


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