Renters' Rights

Renting simply is not working for people. In an insecure market with unaffordable rents, we need to rethink renting in Ireland.

Rents are eating up too much of people’s hard earned pay. There is no such thing as affordable renting in Ireland today, and the lifting of the no-fault eviction ban has compounded the crisis.

An eviction ban is not a silver bullet, but it can provide certainty to renters while greater supply comes on stream.

Right now, the thresholds for evicting a good, hard working and loyal tenant is very low. People are often forced to uproot their whole lives at short notice without any good reason. We want to remove so called ‘no fault’ evictions as well as removing the grounds which allows a landlord to end a tenancy on the basis that they intend to sell the property within three months

To tackle the affordability crisis, we are calling for the introduction of a register of rental properties so that prospective tenants can see exactly what other tenants have paid in rent in the past.

Renters in Ireland remain unable to do the most basic things, like drying their clothes on the balcony or owning a pet. Through introducing model tenancy agreements which have been successful in many other jurisdictions, Labour would ensure that renters are able to hang their clothes out to dry in gardens and on balconies.

We need to change the dynamics in the markets. People need to rent homes, not investment opportunities.

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