Sustainable Public Transport

Ensuring decent and reliable public transport has to be at the heart of any serious attempt to reduce carbon emissions. In Labour’s Alternative Budget 2022, we outlined a vision for public transport that not only makes environmental sense, but economic sense, to benefit ordinary people and families.

Transport is responsible for a fifth of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions; the second highest source of emissions. Investment in public transport is key to fighting this issue by reducing our dependence on single occupancy cars. 

We must decarbonise our public transport system. To promote greener travel by bus, the Labour Party would fast-track the delivery of 600 hybrid buses to be rolled out on key commuter routes.

We also need to encourage people onto the bus. Providing public transport free of charge to our children and students would represent a step-change in our approach as a nation. Rather than opting to take the family car, it should be cheaper and easier for families to travel by bus, train, luas, dart, on their daily journeys.

Investment in public transport helps everyone from those living in villages to big cities through reducing congestion, reducing pollution, making places more accessible, and increasing footfall to support local enterprise.

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