Labour is a party of opportunity

05 February 2016

Speaking at the launch of the Labour Party General Election Campaign

Colleagues, friends, members of the media, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you here to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre for the formal launch of The Labour Party’s General Election campaign.

This is a symbolic part of the capital to hold our launch.

When Grand Canal Dock opened over 200 years ago it was during Dublin’s golden period, and were the largest docks in the world.

Today, this area is also a world leader. Its new name of “Silicon Docks” refers to the large number of multinationals – Facebook, Twitter, Google, Airbnb, to name but a few – who are based here.

It is companies such as these that are so vital to our economy, to attracting jobs, and to giving opportunities to our people. The Labour Party is a party of opportunity.

To make the most of this opportunity, Ireland requires a stable and balanced government, not a gamble on an uncertain future. The Labour Party is the only party that can provide stability and balance.

And in this election we will run a strong and determined campaign that will deliver a positive result.

Ladies and Gentleman, the recovery that I have spoken of has been built through sound management of the public finances. Not for the first time, the Labour party inherited a mess from Fianna Fail, and sought to clear it up.

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