Minister Donnelly Needs To Explain Why His Commitments on Medical Assessment Units In The Mid West Won’t Be Met

06 July 2024

Labour Deputy Alan Kelly said:

“In early April, Minister Donnelly announced some measures to help alleviate the overcrowding crisis in UHL.

“One of these was a very positive one; that Medical Assessment Units(MAUs) in Nenagh, Ennis and St. John’s would be opened 24/7. Indeed, in a parliamentary response sent to me on the 8th of April, it was confirmed by the HSE that this would happen by Q4 2024.

“I had great concerns at the time about this commitment as i was informed by many working in the HSE that this seemed impossible given the current limits on staffing, the recruitment embargo and the fact that their are no labs in model 2 hospitals.

“It has now been confirmed to me this morning by management in the HSE in the Mid West that the opening of these MAUs will not happen 27/7 this year.

“Indeed the aim now is to hopefully get them open until midnight by the end of the year if recruitment for positons needed in them is completed. Many workers within the HSE however don’t believe this is highly likely across the network of model 2 hospitals in the Mid West either?

“So what is Minister Donnelly giving unreaslitic commitments to the public in the MidWest for? He needs to come out and explain this immediately. The people of the Mid West deserve better.”

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