Labour will sustain a robust recovery to raise living standards

Labour Trade Unionists
05 February 2016

Labour will sustain and spread the recovery and create an economy and a society that works for working people, the Tánaiste and Labour Party Leader, Joan Burton TD, said today.

Speaking at the formal launch of the Labour Party’s campaign in Dublin, the Tánaiste said Labour would continue to manage the public finances sensibly and exceed debt reduction targets to free up investment in essential services that families and communities need.

The Tánaiste said: “Labour has rebuilt the Irish economy and we will implement the right policies to ensure that the recovery is sustained and robust.

“Over the next five years, our mission is to sustain and spread the recovery and create an economy and a society that works for working people. A recovery that increases their living standards through sustained wage increases, targeted and responsible tax reductions and investment in the services families and communities need. We will use our economic strength and stability to continue to build a decent society.”

Minister Brendan Howlin, the party’s director of strategy, said: “Our economic recovery is robust. Of course the global economy poses challenges to our level of growth. But the Irish people know to their cost know they’ve much more to fear from Fianna Fail than anything else. The party that once apologised for its role in the economy now wants us to forget it. We won’t. They are serial offenders. They cannot be let back.”

Minister Alan Kelly, the party’s director of elections, said: “The Labour Party is a party of opportunity. To make the most of this opportunity, Ireland requires a stable and balanced government, not a gamble on an uncertain future. The Labour Party is the only party that can provide stability and balance.”

Labour is running a total of 36 candidates, and the Tánaiste said the priority for progressive voters should be to return Labour to government to protect and build on the gains to date.

Joan Burton said: “We in Labour know we can be confident about Ireland’s future on foot of the unmistakeable recovery. We will use €3 out of every €4 in additional resources generated by that recovery for the investment that our communities need.  The Opposition, by contrast, talk down Ireland’s resurgence for their own political ends. We offer hope and a better future; they offer anger and despair. I want to spend the next five years building a better future. I ask the Irish people to send us back here so that we can build that future together.”


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