11 February 2016

Labour launches new affordable housing plan

Labour’s plan for housing, ‘Making Homes Affordable’, was launched in Limerick City this morning by Ministers Alan Kelly and Jan O’Sullivan.

Both Ministers visited a social housing development on Lord Edward Street in the city this morning, before formally launching the policy.

Specifically, the party’s affordable homes plan will:


  • Launch a new Save to Buy scheme to help turn their aspirations into a reality;

  • Establish a long-term strategy for the private rental sector;

  • Protect renters by strengthening the rights of tenants to ensure that buying a home is not the only stable option;

  • Build more social and affordable homes;

  • Tackle homelessness through a housing-led approach and through innovative solutions such as rapid delivery housing.


Speaking at the launch in Limerick this morning, Minister Alan Kelly said: “Affordability is the key theme for the Labour party and for housing policy in general. There are tentative signs of a housing recovery, planning permissions are up, completions are up and commencements are up.


“But we need much more. The sector is only beginning to stabilise, but an affordable home for all is a very real possibility if Labour are given another chance by the people to be in Government.


“We want to make sure that every person should have access to good quality, secure, affordable housing. We will deliver a sustainable system of housing provision to meet the need of individuals and families across every sector – owner-occupier, private rental and social and affordable housing.”


Minister for Education Jan O’Sullivan added: “I have said before during this campaign that the choice people make on Friday 26th next will define the direction of Ireland for the rest of this decade. This is especially true in the area of housing policy.


“Solutions in housing require long-term planning and investment – not short-term soundbites. Labour has provided the resources necessary to revive the social housing sector – the challenge now is to ensure delivery.


“Recovery in house building has lagged behind the growth in other areas of the economy. Increasing supply is an absolute priority. More supply will increase affordability, increase the availability of rental properties and relieve the bottleneck that impacts across all areas of housing.”



Link to ‘Making Homes Affordable’ –


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