Labour TDs publish amendments to Government Apple Tax Motion

Labour Trade Unionists
06 September 2016

Today, Labour TDs have published their amendments to the Government’s Motion re: Appeal the European Commission’s decision that Ireland provided unlawful State aid to Apple.

To insert the following after paragraph (iv):

“(v) strongly supports the ongoing work of the OECD and the EU through the BEPS process to tackle aggressive cross-border tax planning;

(vi) insists that any remaining loopholes that are exploited to minimise effective / real tax rates in the corporate sector are abolished immediately;

(vii) calls for the forthcoming Budget to include measures to underpin minimum effective tax rates for all profitable companies in Ireland; and

(viii) calls for an independent standing commission on taxation, to review trends in our tax laws against agreed principles of tax justice, to identify anomalies as they arise and to keep the tax code focussed against overly aggressive tax planning and avoidance.”.

Brendan Howlin, Joan Burton, Sean Sherlock, Alan Kelly, Willie Penrose, Jan O’Sullivan, Brendan Ryan

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