17 January 2017

Labour Party Spokesperson on Health, Alan Kelly has said the Government must do more to cut red tape on the Fair Deal scheme.

“While I welcome Minister McEntee’s committment that she will open up consultation on a new statutory home care scheme, her announcement on national media this evening that it will take two to three years for a home care package to be put in place will cause stress for many families. This is not acceptable to families who are frustrated enough with the current lengthy waiting times for Fair Deal funding to be released.

“As we saw last night in RTE’s ‘We Need to Talk About Dad’ we need to move to ensure there is adequate funding for every home care package that is needed in the State. Last night’s documentary highlighted the bureaucracy that many families across the country face when applying for the Fair Deal Scheme.

“Home care hours are just as valuable in supporting older people to live in their own homes, and stay connected to their own communities.

“It is clear that families across Ireland want to have the option to use Fair Deal funding for care at home. Our older citizens deserve to be treated locally in their community instead of lying on hospital trolleys waiting to be cared for while waiting lists of nursing homes grow longer.”

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