Whistleblower Harrison Revelations Raise Further Serious Questions For Tanaiste and Garda Commissioner – Kelly

14 May 2017

“The revelation that there is a Garda ‘Profile’ File on serving Garda and Whistleblower Keith Harrison is quite astonishing. The revelation by his solicitor Trevor Collins that such a file exists is incredible. The information came to light after Garda Harrison was sent a file containing documents and information that he requested under Data Protection laws.

-There are a huge amount of questions to be asked as a result of this revelation.

-Who authorised the creation of this profile intelligence file and when?

-For what purpose was it created and how was the information gathered used?

-Who carried out the intelligence gathering of this file and how was this conducted?

-Is this Profile file still in existence and are Gardai still gathering intelligence on Garda Harrison, his family and associates even though he is a serving Garda and is part of the Charleton Enquiry?

-Given that the Gardai agreed to disclose data gathered on Garda Harrrison following a High Court process, why didn’t they comply with this?

-The documents and information released points to other documents and information existing, why isn’t everything being released?

-How can Garda Harrison be expected to continue working in the Gardai knowing this Profile exists on him and not knowing whether it was ever closed? is he curently under surveillance?

-Why didn’t the Garda Commissioner confirm that such a file existed when Garda Harrison asked her in correspondence?

-In correspondence with Minister Fitzgerald, Garda Harrison felt he was under ‘covert’ and ‘overt’ surveillance, did the Minister act on this? If not why not? What did the Minister do with this information as it would have been critical to the setting up of the O’Neill Review and the terms of reference for the Charleton Commission?

-Did the Garda Commissioner tell the Department of Justice or the Minister that such a Profile existed and that intelligence was being gathered on Garda Harrison? if not why not? Again this would have been critical for the O’Neill Review and the terms of reference for the Charleton Commission?

-Why didn’t the Minister refer the matters raised by Garda Harrison in a huge volume of correspondence to Justice O’Neill?

-If the Minister and the Dail were aware of this revelation, would the terms of reference for the Charleton Enquiry be different and have this surveillance included in it?

I want answers to all these questions. We need to know why information was withheld from Garda Harrison after he requested it for upwards of 2 years. It is quite unbelievable that the Gardai behaved in this way and it goes against all sense of natural justice.”


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