Varadkar must condemn racist comments by Fine Gael Councillor

16 June 2017

Labour Councillor for Limerick City East Elena Secas, is calling on Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to condemn comments made by Fine Gael Councillor and soon-to-be Mayor of Limerick City, Stephen Keary, where he referred to Eastern Europeans and non-nationals living in Ireland as a “major drain on the State”.

Councillor Secas said:

“These comments are totally unacceptable and an insult to all immigrant communities in Ireland.

“I am asking Taoiseach Varadkar to urgently investigate this matter and take appropriate action in response. Cllr. Keary is to be elected Mayor of Limerick City and County on Monday the 26th June 2017.

“As an Irish person with an immigrant background myself who has been working tirelessly and has been contributing to the local community and the society in general, I speak on behalf of the immigrant communities in Limerick and in the rest of the country, who have made this country their home, and been working tirelessly contributing to our society.

“As an Elected Member of Limerick City and County Council, I also believe that Cllr. Keary is not fit to become Mayor of Limerick City and County.

“The Mayor should be inclusive and representative of all and every person in Limerick and should promote a positive image of Limerick locally, nationally and internationally.

“I strongly condemn these racist comments and believe that all immigrant communities in Limerick and across Ireland are owed an apology.”


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