Minister must ensure older people are not exploited

Alan Kelly TD
26 June 2017

Labour Spokesperson on Health, Alan Kelly TD, has expressed concern at reports nursing home residents are facing ‘secretive’ extra charges for activities they’re not taking part in.

It follows an investigation by the Sunday Independent that found some older people are being hit with rising bills for activities they don’t actually partake in.

Deputy Kelly said:

“I am concerned that some nursing homes may be taking advantage of residents by charging them for activities they are not up to taking part in.

“There needs to be complete transparency in the way residents are charged, so both they and their families can have peace of mind that they’re not being exploited in this way.

“Residents and their families should be provided with itemised bills so they know exactly what they’re paying for, and raise any concerns they might have with management.

“These charges must be looked at in the Department of Health’s review of the Fair Deal scheme.

“Sadly it is not uncommon for our older people to be abused financially, and we need to ensure that this is not the case.”

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