Labour Councillor Group table Emergency Motion on Waste Management

03 July 2017

The Labour Party Group on Dublin City Council have tonight tabled a motion to Dublin City Council calling for waste collection to be recognised as a vital public service.

Cllr Dermot Lacey, Leader of the Labour Group on Dublin City Council said:

“Waste collection is an essential public service, with knock on impacts on our environment, health and safety. It is essential that we have a strong role for local government and a waiver scheme for low income families.”

The Labour motion for debate tonight says:

“Dublin City Council condemns moves to change the current waste charge regime without adequate and appropriate regulation in the sector. The current competition for the market (every household) approach to waste collection and management only serves to reduce waste workers’ wages to the bare minimum and allows an inordinate number of overlapping bin lorry collections from each and every road and area across the city. Instead of this approach, domestic waste collection must be viewed as a public service.

Therefore this council seeks that it adopts a competition for the market approach whereby DCC tenders out for the provision of domestic waste collection services within its entire municipal area, as one lot or several smaller lots, according to an agreed DCC established and implemented Regulatory and Payment Framework. Such a framework would include a waiver scheme for low income families, not just those with medical waste and a waiver for household with nappy waste and clear supports for reducing, reusing and recycling.”

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