Dublin City Council to debate Labour motion on Local Property Tax

Labour Trade Unionists
19 September 2017

The Labour Party group on Dublin City Council has tabled a motion for discussion tonight that would enhance City Council services, restore social house building as a core Council function and reduce the rate of local property tax downwards by 5%. This is in contrast to the 15% that has been passed in recent years.

The Labour Party has proposed that the extra €7.9 million would be allocated to public services in the City. Some of the additional funds would go towards an expansion of the Dublin Bike scheme and €2.5 million for social housing.

For further information contact Cllr. Dermot Lacey on 087 264 6960.

Motion to Dublin City Council:

Motion to vary the basic rate of Local Property Tax in the administrative area of Dublin City Council:

“That Dublin City Council determines, in accordance of the provisions of Section 20 of the FINANCE (LOCAL PROPERTY TAX) ACT 2012 (as amended), that the basic rate of local property tax should stand varied downwards by 5 per cent for 2018 in respect of relevant residential properties situated in the administrative area of Dublin City Council.”

The following is circulated for information purposes.

In the event of this motion being agreed and a 5% reduction being agreed by the City Council the Labour Group will be proposing an allocation of the €7.9 million thus retained along the following lines

€1.5 million for Public Domain Upgrade – allocated to each Area on a Pro-Rata Basis specifically for the implementation of Local Environmental Improvement Plans.

€400,00 for Arts and Community Programme.

€500,000 for Improvement of Parks programme

€400.000 for small scale Traffic works allocated on a pro rata basis to each Area

€1million for footpath upgrade allocated on a pro rata basis

€500,000 additional funding for Disability Grants

€700,000 for extension of Dublin Bikes Scheme

€2.5 million for direct Council build Social Housing through An Cualainn Co- Housing model.

€400,00 for improved cleansing and litter management

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