Stepaside station opening not a priority says Dublin Garda Chief – Kelly

23 November 2017

Vice Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee, Alan Kelly TD, has described the re-opening of Stepaside Garda Station as incredible.

Deputy Kelly said:

“What we heard at this morning’s Public Accounts Committee surrounding the re-opening of Stepaside Garda Station is unbelievable.

“The Head of Policing in Dublin, Assistant Garda Commissioner Pat Leahy, admitted to the PAC that Stepaside is not a priority. If he had the resources he would give more resources to stations in Ballyfermot and Ronanstown. These areas desperately need more Gardaí on the streets and an investment in community policing.

“It is incredible that a senior member of the Garda management team so openly acknowledged that the opening of Stepaside was done because pf criteria set by the Department of Justice for political reasons

 “Following my questioning this morning, Garda Human Resources Director, John Barrett, confirmed to the Public Accounts Committee that he was not consulted regarding the opening of Stepaside Garda Station before it was announced.

“Content to play the parish pump, with his much-vaunted principles cast aside, it is clear that Minister Shane Ross has played stroke politics demanding that Stepaside Garda Station re-open.

“Following this morning’s Public Accounts Committee, the Government need to explain why the demands of Minister Ross were put ahead of the needs of Dublin policing. A review must be carried out of the whole process and ultimately, the allocation of resources should be handed over to the Policing Authority.”

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