Immediate Inquiry needed into treatment of Garda Homicide Analysts

08 March 2018

Labour TD for Tipperary and Vice Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Alan Kelly has said that following the evidence given to the Justice Committee yesterday by the two Garda civilian analysts on homicide figures, that there should now be an immediate independent inquiry into how they were treated.

Deputy Kelly said:

“The evidence provided by two civilian analysts from An Garda Síochána to the Justice committee yesterday shone a light into how the force continues to deal with those who question the status quo.

“The recording of homicides goes to the heart of the work of our police force and the evidence heard was shocking and raises serious concerns regarding the manner in which homicide figures are, and have been recorded by An Garda Síochána.

“What is deeply worrying though is that for 15 months, two brave civilian analysts were undermined, pressurised and intimidated because they dared to stand their ground, maintain their professional integrity and ask hard questions about how serious crimes were being recorded, and the impact it might have on future crimes such as domestic violence as well as Garda vetting. They have described their treatment as a ‘torment’ and felt deeply let down by the Policing Authority.

“I am deeply concerned and appalled that Garda management continued to allow this treatment, and no lessons appear to have been learned from other recent controversies.

“I believe the best way for trust to be restored, and for the issue to be dealt with comprehensively is for an immediate independent inquiry into how such treatment of those who speak up in An Garda Síochána could happen again. It is incumbent on the Minister for Justice

“As the civilian analysts said yesterday, this is about doing right by victims, and I want the Minister for Justice to immediately to instigate an enquiry into the treatment of Lois West and Laura Galligan. It is the least they deserve.”

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