Vicky Phelan should have been treated with care and compassion by HSE

26 April 2018

Labour Party Health spokesperson, Alan Kelly TD, has called for an investigation into CervicalCheck.

This follows Vicky Phelan’s case in the High Court and the fact that fourteen other women who were given incorrect test results.

Deputy Kelly said:

“Firstly, my thoughts go out to Ms Phelan and her family. No amount of compensation she will receive will make up for all that she has gone through.

“Ms Phelan should have been treated with care and compassion by our Health Service, she should not have had to go to the High Court to get answers about her own health.

“It has been revealed that up to fourteen women have been identified as receiving incorrect test results. CervicalCheck have serious questions to answer on this. Have these women been contacted directly by Cervical Check? Have they been provided with an opportunity to receive additional tests?

“The Minister needs to ensure that CervicalCheck contact all women who received smears in 2014 and confirm their smear results.

“We know that cervical cancer can be a silent killer as it has no obvious symptoms, which is why smear testing is so crucial. For women to be given inaccurate results from these smears is extremely worrying.”

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