Yes vote vital for disabled people – Labour Disability

Labour Disability is urging everyone to get out and vote yes on 25th May, a week ahead of the referendum.

Chair of Labour Disability Mick Keegan commented:

“Forcing people to travel to have access to an abortion is wrong; preventing their doctors from referring them is dangerous. This is made a lot more dangerous when the person has a disability because they may have very complicated medical needs.

“For example, for people who use Irish Sign Language, the sign language used in the UK is a completely different language so they may not have access to interpreters. For other disabilities travel is very difficult for different reasons; they need access to abortion in Ireland where their doctor can advise them.

Labour Disability activist Declan Meenagh further commented:

“We are angry that the no side thinks it can use disability as a political football in this debate. The disgraceful decision of the no side to ignore the request not to use disability in its campaign is upsetting a lot of people.

“The fact is this is a vital issue for people with disabilities because we are much more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted and we need to provide compassion to the survivors by voting yes to repeal the 8th Amendment.

“In that regard we are asking everyone to plan their journey to their polling station well in advance to be sure to have your voice heard on the 25th.”

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