Kelly to launch bill for compensation in stillborn medical negligence cases

Labour Health spokesperson Alan Kelly TD, will today at 11am launch a new bill to amend the law so that a family that loses an unborn child due to medical negligence is entitled to seek compensation for mental distress.

The need for a change in the law arises from the case of Mignon and Derek Underwood from Wexford whose son Conor was stillborn in 2012 following a delayed diagnosis of pre-eclampsia. The parents will be available to speak to the media tomorrow.

Currently family members cannot sue for the mental distress caused by the death of a child in the womb due to medical negligence, only for injuries caused to the health of the mother. Kelly’s Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill 2018 will address this situation.

What: Launch of Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill 2018 with Underwood family

When: 11am Wednesday 13th June

Where: Kildare St gates, Leinster House

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