Couples in same-sex marriages need more parental rights

27 June 2018

Labour LGBT is calling for the immediate commencement of legislation to allow for formal parental rights for couples in same sex marriages following a peaceful protest held outside Leinster House today on the matter.

Co-Chair of Labour LGBT Aoife Leahy commented: “The Children and Family Relationships Act has to be amended to fix unintended problems and contradictions in the wording of the original Act. Families are in urgent need of legal recognition on their children’s birth certificates and passports.”

Fellow Co-Chair Karl Hayden added: “This is a matter for Minister Simon Harris as this particular aspect of the legislation comes under health but he has had this portfolio for two years now and little has been done.

“We acknowledge that Minister Harris has finally said he will work on a drafting a separate Bill to address this but until this change comes to fruition we will continue to work closely with LGBT Ireland and LGBTQ Families and Allies Ireland on the matter.

“As thousands of us march together at the Dublin LGBTQ Pride Parade this weekend we as LGBTQ families need to know that this government is serious about immediately amending the Act so that all families really are equal before the law.”


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