Public consultation on HPV vaccines for boys is welcome but must conclude quickly to facilitate rollout.

24 July 2018

Labour Party Health spokesperson, Alan Kelly TD, has welcomed HIQA’s announcement of a public consultation on extending HPV vaccination programme to include boys and is calling for a speedy conclusion, to facilitate rollout as soon as possible, Deputy Kelly said: 

“This is a very welcome announcement and a much-needed step in progressing the expansion of the HPV vaccine programme to include boys.

“We have already done the right thing by providing the vaccines to young women, and now it is time to do the right thing by young men. It is crucial that this consultation is concluded quickly so that the rollout of vaccines to boys can commence as soon as possible.

“HPV is one of the most common viral infections. Most people, including men, will contract it at some point in their lives. Every year, over 500 cases of HPV related cancers are diagnosed in Ireland, including in male patients.

“What is so tragic is that these types of cancers are unique in the level of preventative measures available before they progress to this point, one of which is the HPV vaccine.

“It is absolutely vital that young boys should be able to avail of this life-saving HPV vaccine. Extending the HPV vaccine to boys is a common-sense, evidence based measure which is already in place in countries like Australia, Austria, and Canada.

“The Labour Party has been leading the campaign on extending the HPV vaccine to young boys and we have worked hard to ensure cross-Party support and political will to providing the vaccine to boys.

“Earlier this year, the Dáil passed my motion to fully back the current HPV vaccine programme and to extend this initiative to teenage boys.”

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