Presidential candidates cannot ignore HPV vaccine facts

27 August 2018

Labour Party Health Spokesperson, Alan Kelly TD, has called on potential Presidential candidates to be more responsible when commenting on vaccinations.

Deputy Kelly said:

“This week, thousands of young girls are starting secondary school and are due to receive the HPV vaccine in the coming weeks. Last year, we saw a rise in the uptake of the HPV vaccine, we cannot afford to see a fall this year because of the irresponsible comments by Presidential hopefuls.

“The facts provided by the Irish Cancer Society cannot be ignored, up to 40 women will die because of the non-uptake in 2016.

“We know that Ireland has one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in Europe, if young girls take preventative measures available to them now, it will stand to them later in life.

“Brave women like Laura Brennan and Vicky Phelan have spoken about why the HPV vaccine is vital. In a year where the Cervical Check scandal has heightened our awareness of cervical cancer, for presidential candidates to make damaging and irresponsible remarks about the HPV vaccine is extremely worrying.

“For someone who hopes to be President to make disparaging comments about any vaccine when we are in the midst of a measles crisis and when we are just getting over a loss of confidence in the HPV vaccine is completely irresponsible.

“For those who have doubts about any vaccine, they should consult a medical professional, rather than take the word of people who are misinformed on the topic.”

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