High Salaries for new County Mayors a disgrace as Dublin ignored

01 February 2019

Cllr Dermot Lacey, a Labour City Councillor for Pembroke and former Lord Mayor of Dublin, has branded the proposals by Minister John Paul Phelan to set the salary of the three new County Mayors at the same level as that of a Junior minister as disgraceful.

Cllr Lacey has also called on the Minister to engage in a formal public debate on why he and his Fine Gael and Independent Government colleagues are denying Dubliners a say on the issue while providing for a plebiscite in Cork, Limerick and Waterford.

Cllr Lacey said:

“The proposed salary for the new Mayors are disgracefully high while Councillors have been given no clarity on their terms and conditions, and Dublin is once again ignored.

“There is no need for a €130,000+ salary for the Mayor, just as in all probability there is no need for it for Government Ministers.

“In my view the essential financial element is that the Mayor would have the power and resources to do the job, and the commitment to do it effectively. Setting the salary at that of a Dáil Deputy or Senator would be for me a far more appropriate approach.

“We need to have a substantial debate on the powers and resources the new Mayors will have before the legislation is set down. I will debate the issues with Minister Phelan any time he likes.

“I’ve been campaigning for a directly elected Mayor of Dublin since I first got involved in politics over twenty years ago. I’m still committed to making it happen. Dublin needs a Mayor committed to Dublin. I want to be that Mayor.”

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