Delay to ruling concerning for LGBT community in Kenya

25 February 2019

Labour LGBT has expressed concern regarding the delay to the court ruling on the criminality of homosexuality in Kenya.   

Executive member Karl Hayden said; 

“Labour LGBT notes with concern the delay by the Kenyan High Court in making a ruling on the criminality of homosexuality in Kenya. Labour LGBT calls on the judge in the Kenyan High Court to find in favour of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in accordance with international jurisprudence which has found these Victorian laws to be against the human rights and dignity of the individual.

“We hope the Kenyan High Court will look to the example of other countries like India, where the courts upheld the rights and dignity of citizens who are homosexual. This would send a clear signal that all the citizens of Kenya are considered equal in law regardless of sexual orientation. This would ensure that homosexual and bisexual men and women are given protection in law and prevent discrimination against them in Kenyan society.”


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