HPV study can be used to tackle misinformation

04 April 2019

Labour Party Health spokesperson, Alan Kelly, has welcomed a study that shows the HPV vaccine has been linked with a drop in Cervical Cancer.

Commenting on the Glasgow Caledonian University Study, Deputy Kelly said:

“I welcome this study being published today which shows that the HPV vaccine in Scotland has resulted in a near elimination of low and high cervical disease in Scottish women.

“Studies like this are vital when it comes to combating the misinformation around the HPV vaccine. Because of scaremongering by some quarters, a small cohort of Irish parents are still apprehensive about the benefits of the HPV vaccine, being able to point them to results like these should alleviate fears.

“The Minister for Health needs to think strategically about how the State will combat misinformation that may arise when the HPV vaccine is extended to boys later this year. We can not afford another mass campaign that scares parents out of consenting that their children receive the vaccine.

“The HPV vaccine eradicates the risks around cervical cancer. We need to use studies like this to arm a zero tolerance approach to misinformation around the HPV vaccine.”

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