Labour launches Our Vision for Cork

Labour Trade Unionists
08 April 2019

Today in Cork, Labour Party Leader Brendan Howlin was joined by our five first time candidates for Cork City Council to launch ‘Our Vision for Cork’ along with our Euro candidate for Ireland South, Sheila Nunan; Seán Sherlock TD and candidate for Cork North Central Kathleen Lynch.

Labour is running five new candidates all under the age of 36 who have put forward an ambitious vision for Cork City focused on the building of housing, tackling climate change, ensuring financial transparency and securing investment for Cork.

Deputy Howlin said:

“Labour is passionate about the future of Cork and we want to see it grow and succeed. We have selected five new candidates for the local elections who are putting forward their vision for the city.

“The challenge is to get the basics right and demand high quality public services, build housing and tackle climate change, ensure financial transparency and deliver the investment Cork needs. Our team can do that, and I hope the voters of Cork will hear their message and give them their support on 24th May.”

Our five Labour representatives believe it is time for the council to get back to basics through the delivery of the frontline services that Cork needs.

Across eight headings; Luke Carroll, Peter Horgan, Luke Field, Ciara Kennedy and John Maher set out their vision for Cork.

There are a number of key areas where Labour has clear, concrete plans to improve the lives of city dwellers in Cork.

1. Get the Basics Right in Cork City

– Cork City council needs to get back to basics when it comes to public service provision. There must be a consistent delivery and quality of public services across the expanded City Council after the boundary expansion into county areas.

– Labour Councillors will ensure that funding is increased for basic frontline services and in particular, we will take on illegal dumping and the scourge of dog fouling.

2. More Social & Affordable Public Housing for Cork

– In order for our city to thrive, we need to deliver more social and affordable public housing by building on public land, in a way that enhances communities and return vacant housing to use.

– Labour will support those looking to buy by seeking increased funding for the Home Loan Scheme and will campaign for a Rent to Buy scheme and stronger protections for renters

3.Financial Transparency 

– Labour candidates believe that transparency in public life must be a core commitment of anyone putting their name forward local government. 

– We know that the ongoing debacle over the Cork Events Centre and the financial risk to our city services from this project must be addressed. Your Labour team will demand financial transparency and ensure that all public money is subject to oversight. 

4. Building our Cork Community

–  If elected we would seek the establishment of Community Engagement Forums, and open Town Hall-style meetings in every local electoral ward.

– Labour Councillors will work to secure more investment in our libraries, public spaces, parks, and sports facilities.

5. Directly – Elected Mayor for Cork

– Labour supports the plebiscite for a directly-elected Mayor but the office must not be just a figurehead but have real powers on housing, transport, economic development and policing.

– This new officeholder must be answerable to the electorate and City Councillors – a strong Labour Team will hold a directly-elected Mayor to account

6. Support Cycling and Public Transport 

– We will seek the appointment of a dedicated cycling and active travel officer who will have the resources and powers to ensure cycling receives the attention and investment it needs, including the expansion of the Cork Public Bike Scheme and investment in infrastructure.

– Labour Councillors will campaign for hybrid and electric buses, people-friendly timetables and more 24-hour bus services to cover all parts of the City and County.

7. Climate Change 

– Labour believes that the council should be leading from the front on Climate Change. Ireland has a very far way to go to meet our carbon emissions reductions. We think Cork Council should face up to that reality and rose to the challenge. 

 – Labour wants an ambitious retrofitting programme for public buildings and housing; an annual Cork Carbon Budget; and public drinking fountains to cut down on single-use plastic bottles. The Flood Defence Scheme must be progressed and take on board the concerns of Save Cork City and protect the historic city centre.

8. Secure Investment for Cork

– For far too long Cork has been ignored at a national level and Labour will campaign for our fair share of investment into our rail and road network including the Northern Ring Road, a real plan for light rail services in Cork, and fares that encourage the use of public transport.

– We will ensure the Docklands Project is sustainably delivered ensuring social and economic regeneration for our City.


A copy of our vision for Cork is available here:

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