Cork Candiates Call for Extended Consulation on Transport Strategy

Labour Cork City Council Candidates Peter Horgan, Ciara Kennedy, Luke Field, John Maher and Luke Carroll have called for more public consultation time to be allocated to the Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy.

“Whilst this is a welcome document, it is a blueprint that will drastically alter the face and environment of Cork City” said the Labour Candidates.

“The short public consultation time of 28th June does not allow sufficient time for all stakeholders – namely the public – to be made aware of the changes in the their area and for the city as a whole.

“The public consultation should be extended out to mid September to allow families who may be on holidays, community groups on summer break, and students who are not together in education environments over the summer, time to consider the proposals.

“Fast tracking a public consultation is wrong. We believe the NTA must hold localised detailed meetings, not just one in the city centre which is what is currently planned.”

“This is one of the biggest investments in public transport ever seen in Cork. Let’s take the time to do this plan right and have the entire Cork community behind it, not just those who knew it was coming.”

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