Dublin City Cllrs seek no change to LPT and €13.2m investment in services

23 September 2019

Labour Dublin City Councillors have tabled a motion tonight, alongside the Green Party and Social Democrats seeking to ensure that the rate of local property tax is not varied for 2020, and for the additional revenue to be invested in housing, climate action, public waste collection and improvements in the public domain, including an expansion of Dublin Bikes.

Not varying the rate would realise an additional €13.2million of revenue. Full details of the additional spending proposals are outlined below.

Labour group leader Cllr Dermot Lacey said:

“The Labour Group on Dublin City Council has consistently sought reform of the Local Property Tax but while waiting for Government to act on the report that has been with them for nearly two years we will tonight vote to leave the LPT at the rate set by Government itself.

“The irony is that Fianna Fail and Fine Gael Councillors will vote against the rate of tax set by their own Government and vote to reduce services necessary for the people of Dublin. Labour is committed to strong public services and will tonight stand by that.

“There is an urgent need for increased investment in public housing and improved services for the people of Dublin. We have put forward a plan that would benefit all of our city. It is disappointing that once again so many will refuse to take the opportunity to take real action that the €13.2million would provide.”


Motion to vary the basic rate of Local Property Tax in the administrative area of Dublin City Council:

“That Dublin City Council determines, in accordance of the provisions of Section 20 of the FINANCE (LOCAL PROPERTY TAX) ACT 2012 (as amended), that the basic rate of local property tax should not be varied for 2020 in respect of relevant residential properties situated in the administrative area of Dublin City Council.”

–  Cllrs Dermot Lacey, Marie Sherlock, Mary Freehill, Alison Gilliland, Jane Horgan Jones, Rebecca Moynihan, Kevin Donoghue, Joe Costello

The Parties to this Motion will be recommending that in the event of no downward % being agreed that the monies retained by Dublin City Council will be allocated on the following basis.

  1. A City Strategy for Public Waste Collection:
  •  €2 million pilot project kerb sort collection.
  •  €500,000 improved cleansing and litter management, graffiti.
  1. Making Homes, Making the City:
  • €3 million direct council intervention in Voids refurbishment.
  • €1 million for housing Disability adaptation grants.
  • €800,000 for cultural, arts and community space in the City.
  1. Climate Crisis Action
  • €1 million towards implementation of Climate Action Strategy.
  • €1 million towards footpaths upgrade and cycleway upgrades.
  • €900,000 for Parks improvements and biodiversity measures.
  1. Public Domain:
  • €1.4 million public domain upgrades.
  • €500,000 village improvements.
  • €500,000 towards expanding Dublin Bike scheme or similar.
  • €500,000 road upgrades, crossings and junctions.
  • €100,000 towards a Mural Fund initiative

Dermot Lacey                            Neasa Hourigan                          Gary Gannon

Labour Party                            Green Party                             Social Democrats

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