HPV vaccine catch up programme needed for boys

30 September 2019

Labour Party Health spokesperson, Alan Kelly TD, has called for the HPV vaccine catch up programme to be extended to boys.

Deputy Kelly said:

“In the upcoming budget, the Minister for Health needs to ensure that provisions are made to extend the HPV vaccine catch up programme to boys.

“It is not good enough that the HPV vaccine catch up programme is currently only available to girls because the HSE deem that it is not “cost effective” to extend the scheme to boys.

“After everything we have learned about the HPV vaccine and it’s efficacy in protecting against HPV-related cancers such as cervical cancer, it is wrong that the HSE are putting a price on preventative heath measures.

“For years, I have been promoting the fact that boys should get the HPV vaccine and was happy to work with the Government in achieving this, but is is completely wrong that boys are excluded from the same catch up programme as their female counterparts.”

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