Rosslare Port declines as Dublin Port is clogged up

15 November 2019

Speaking in relation to Rosslare Port and Brexit, the Mayor of Wexford and Labour Party by-election candidate for Wexford, Cllr George Lawlor, said that the Government has allowed Rosslare to go backwards while Dublin Port is over-congested in a way that makes no sense.

Cllr Lawlor said:

“According to Rosslare Port Manager, the port is only working at 38% of its capacity, and this is lower than previously due to Irish Ferries cancelling its service to France.

“Meanwhile, Dublin is the sixth most congested city in Europe and the 14th in the world. There is no sense in continuing to send most roll-on roll-off trucks through Dublin Port.

“In terms of reducing carbon emissions, and the steady increase in the cost of petrol and diesel, it is illogical to send shipments from the southern counties of Ireland through Dublin, only to ship them past the south coast on their way to continental Europe.

“It makes much more sense to develop and enhance direct shipping routes to France, Belgium and the Netherlands from the south coast of Ireland, including Rosslare.

“If the Government is serious about preparing for Brexit, they should put in place a solid plan to increase the volume of trade passing through Rosslare Port as a matter of urgency.”



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