UK-owned retailers in Ireland need to show a bit of cop on – Labour Party

Labour Trade Unionists
16 March 2020

The Labour Party has called on all UK owned retailers to allow their local management and staff in Ireland the flexibility to shut their doors in the face of the COVID-19 crisis.

Members of the Labour Parliamentary Party said:

“Ireland and the UK are tackling this crisis very differently with Ireland taking a more proactive approach to delaying the spread of this virus.

“UK owned retailers need to acknowledge their stores are located in a country taking very different measures.

“Staff of UK companies are increasingly worried about having to stay in work when competitor Irish owned companies are closing their doors due to public health concerns.

“This is leading to high levels of anxiety amongst staff who are now working in open shops, when the majority of other stores are closed.

“It has been noted by employees of some of these UK-owned retailers, that these shops are needlessly busy at this time. These workers are still having to commute on buses and trains, placing them and their families at risk of the virus.

“We are calling on all of these companies to do the right thing by their staff. Cop on and allow them close their doors and protect themselves.”

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