Rule change for tax exiles wrong

05 April 2020

Labour Party TD for Dublin Fingal, Duncan Smith, has said the Labour Party completely opposes plans by the Government to relax rules for tax exiles.

Deputy Smith said:

“The existing rules are already very generous for these millionaires & billionaires. In this time of crisis in which we are pulling together as a society, locally, nationally and internationally, a tax break for the super-rich does not reflect the ‘in it together’ spirit I am witnessing day in and day out in communities across Ireland.

“If these individuals are here due to COVID-19 then they will be availing of the same services as the rest of us and like the rest of us they can contribute towards them too in a timely fashion.

“Changing the tax rules for those at the top is completely unwarranted at this time. Many workers have been forced to put their lives on hold because of this crisis and the last thing people need at the moment is for tax exiles to be getting a free pass from the State.

“I will be writing to the Minister for Finance seeking a clarification and reversal of this planned relaxation of rules for tax exiles as reported in the media today.”

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