Private hospital deal must be published

13 April 2020
  • Two weeks on from deal still no detail

Labour Leader Alan Kelly has called again for the deal done with private hospitals to be published, as the row with private consultants drags on.

Deputy Kelly said:

“It is now over two weeks since 30th March when the Government announced a deal to use private hospitals.

“We still have no detail of what is covered in that agreement but we do know that there is an ongoing dispute between the HSE and the doctors who worked in those hospitals

“We need transparency and the publication of the value of the deal and how operators and owners will be reimbursed during and after the pandemic for the use of these facilities.

The Taoiseach called this a “public private partnership” but the public are in the dark.

“If we are exposed to a multi million euro bill we deserve to know.

“In Spain they nationalised private hospitals but in Ireland instead of pursuing that proven strategy we have a licensing agreement but no detail.”

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