Smith says Metrolink project cannot be shelved

11 June 2020

Speaking in the Dáil on the Annual Climate Transition Statements, Labour TD Duncan Smith called on the Minister for Transport, Tourism, and Sport to ensure the MetroLink project would not be shelved as a cost cutting measure due to the current economic difficulty.

Deputy Smith said:

“We need this project, not only for north County Dublin but for the country. We need it to assist in the drive to get our economy back up and running. It is a source of national shame that our capital city’s airport is not linked by light rail to the city centre.

“MetroLink is something that really needs to remain on the agenda. As has been stated previously, in recent years the people of the north county did not believe the project would go ahead. Our concern is that the project may be shelved again with the economic hit we will take on foot of the pandemic. That cannot happen. The project must remain a priority and it must be delivered.

“I understand that the authorities at Dublin Airport will continue to build the new runway. The aviation and tourism sectors will recover at some stage. We all share the massive concern as to what the cost of the recovery will be to workers. At some point we will be back up and running so we do need MetroLink. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is.”

In response to Deputy Smith, Minister Shane Ross confirmed that his department did not have any plans to hold up the MetroLink project due to the economic changes brought on by the COVID19 pandemic.

Deputy Smith said: “I will continue to keep the pressure on the Department of Transport and the incoming Minister to ensure the MetroLink project does not fall victim to cost cutting measures and this much needed investment goes ahead.”

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