Aer Lingus must reverse job cut proposals

16 June 2020

Labour TD for Dublin Fingal, Duncan Smith, has called on Aer Lingus to reverse the decision to unilaterally withdraw proposals which were aimed at stopping pay reductions and job losses describing the company action as unacceptable.

Deputy Smith said:

“It is a disgrace the way Aer Lingus has conducted itself in how they have engaged with worker representatives, and they have now taken unilateral action to slash pay and hours for workers that is not acceptable.

“It is clear to me that they are using this once in a lifetime crisis as an opportunity to accelerate their long-term goal of driving down the pay and condition of workers.

“To inform staff that these cuts will take place with less than two weeks’ notice shows complete bad faith in how the company is conducting itself. This is simply not good enough and is a despicable way to treat workers who have already been living through the most uncertain period in recent history.

“Aer Lingus remains one of the most cash rich companies in the aviation industry and their parent company IAG is currently seeking to purchase airlines and expand worldwide. This clearly shows a disregard for workers and their rights in lieu of the potential to reduce future costs and make further profits.

“With so much cash on reserve in the parent company IAG, we need to ask why Aer Lingus is laying off these workers? That reserve was accumulated due to the efforts of staff over many years. The only conclusion I can draw is that thet are now seeking to protect those private profits over their ability to maintain the employment of their dedicated workforce.

“Aer Lingus is continuing to avail of the state’s temporary wage subsidy scheme, benefitting from taxpayer’s money and giving nothing in return in terms of jobs or security.”

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