Only Taoiseach can recall Dáil and he must act

21 August 2020
  • Only Taoiseach can recall Dáil under Standing Order 26.
  • Deputy Kelly asked Taoiseach in call this afternoon to recall Dáil.

Responding to the comments of the Taoiseach tonight, Labour Party Leader Alan Kelly has reminded him that only he can recall the Dáil under Standing Order 26.

Deputy Kelly said:

“The Taoiseach said tonight it was not for him to recall the Dáil but he specifically has that power under Dáil rules. That is Standing Order 26: ‘Special Summons for earlier sitting’. On the request of the Taoiseach, the Ceann Comhairle may summon the Dáil for an earlier sitting than that set on the adjournment.

“I spoke to the Taoiseach this afternoon and told him that he must recall the Dáil and that I’ve never seen such public anger on an issue so quickly.

“On the RTÉ 6.1 news the Taoiseach dodged the question of our parliament returning by saying he wouldn’t recall the Dáil this week. He has the power to do so next week. The ball is in his court.

“He also said he would consult with other political parties and that the Government doesn’t run the Dáil. We have made our views clear. The Taoiseach should act now and write to the Ceann Comhairle to recall the Dáil next week. 

“This time last year the leader of the Green Party sought the recall of the Dáil on Brexit. Minister Eamon Ryan must surely accept that the Dáil must be recalled now.

“We can’t go on for three weeks with no Minister for Agriculture considering the issues in the meat processing sector.

“The Dáil must sit next week.”


standing orders of the Dáil can be found here: 

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