Roadmap for living with Covid needs to be elderly proofed

10 September 2020

The roadmap for living with Covid due to be published on Tuesday needs to be elderly proofed according to Labour Leader Alan Kelly.

Deputy Kelly said:

“We need to look after our elderly as we head into six months of winter, a very difficult time and we need to ensure that they can live their lives. We need to ensure that the elderly can get out within the health guidelines during the winter period.

“The elderly are facing into a very long winter, we need to get to a stage where they can socialise in a safe limited manner whether that be allowing some spectators into sporting events or playing a game of cards. It is essential that they are prioritised as part of the roadmap.

“We cannot expect elderly people to spend the next 6 to 9 months locked in their houses, that is unsustainable. I have been contacted by elderly people in my own constituency who have told me they will not be able withstand another lockdown or cocooning situation.

“The medium-term plan for living with this disease must contain provisions for the elderly particularly in relation to allowing them partake in some sort of limited social activity whether that be playing cards with their friends or attending a match.

“No amount of technology whether that be FaceTime or Zoom calls will suffice, we need to ensure that our senior citizens are front and centre as part of this plan. They cannot spend an entire winter imprisoned in their homes.

“Older people have complied diligently with the restrictions that were imposed upon them and next weeks plan needs to address the legitimate concerns they have around loneliness and isolation.

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