Urgent rescue package needed for taxi industry

12 September 2020

Labour Party Spokesperson on Transport, Duncan Smith TD has called on the Minister for Transport to deliver an urgent package of measures to rescue the taxi industry and ensure taxi drivers are able to continue to earn a viable living in a safe manner.

Deputy Smith said:

“The taxi industry is one of the forgotten industries of the ongoing Covid crisis. The industry only survives through the movement of people and the shutting down of the economy and society earlier this year and then the subsequent phased reopening has done huge damage to the industry and many of its drivers.

“Single license holders have been especially impacted with their livelihoods under huge threat with very little light on their horizon.

“The taxi industry was inexplicably omitted from Government regulations for the mandatory wearing of face coverings for users of public transport.

“The Irish taxi industry provides a vital and necessary transport function for people who are unable to avail of bus or rail options. Taxis that run both on peak and off peak play a vital role in plugging the many public transport infrastructure gaps we have.

“The Government needs to recognise the role of the taxi industry throughout the country and put in place an urgent package of measures to ensure its sustainability.

“Understandably, there is huge frustration amongst to drivers and series of demonstrations are planned against the inaction of the Government.

“The Labour Party wants to ensure that no industry is left behind by this crisis including our vital taxi service. We are calling on the Minister for Transport to convene an urgent forum for the industry and deliver a package of measures to save this industry.”

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