HPSC advice on visors is confusing and incoherent

06 November 2020

The advice from the HSE’s Health Protection Surveillance Centre on the wearing of visors is confusing and incoherent according to Labour Leader and Health Spokesperson, Alan Kelly.

Deputy Kelly was speaking after new guidance from the HSE said that visors may be an alternative to face-coverings in certain circumstances to protect against Covid-19 whilst also saying that “cloth face coverings are preferred to visors.”

Deputy Kelly said:

“The Labour Party have repeatedly called for clear absolute advice and a comprehensive public information campaign emphasising the wearing of face masks over visors. The medical advice is clear and unambiguous in that masks are far more effective against the transmission of the virus and that people who wear face visors instead of masks may be putting themselves at greater risk from the illness.


“I raised this a number of times with both the Taoiseach and Minister Stephen Donnelly to stress the need for a strong public awareness campaign emphasising the importance of wearing face masks and not visors.

“This new advice from the HPSC is confusing, incoherent and unhelpful. It does not provide any clarity to people out there who may be unknowingly putting themselves at higher risk of transmitting the virus by wearing a visor and not a mask.

“We cannot have a situation where both NPHET and other medical experts are saying that visors offer minimal protection at best against the transmission of droplets and the HPSC are saying that they may be used as an alternative to facemasks.

“I am calling on Minister Donnelly to take the lead on this, we need clarity and not further confusion. The mixed messages are counterproductive and need to stop. The medical evidence on wearing visors is clear and the HPSC and Government need to get off the fence and clearly advise people to wear facemasks and not visors.



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