Irish people in UK struggling to get through to DFA phone line

22 December 2020
  • Extra resources needed for phone lines.

Responding to cases of Irish people finding it difficult to get through to Department of Foreign Affairs phone line in the UK, Labour Transport spokesperson Duncan Smith said:

“Many Irish citizens are in an information black hole with no guidance on how to arrange travel plans. Many are reporting an inability to get through to the dedicated phone lines set up to provide information and a passage home.

“This is leading to increased worry for many who feel stranded in regions in which COVID rates are very high.”
“This is an incredibly tough time for everyone and the logistics of trying to repatriate our people is very difficult.

“I would ask that extra resources be given to answering the dedicated phone numbers. People will feel a lot better if they at least have a friendly voice to talk to and to provide details on how they may get home safely”

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