Beacon CEO has undermined entire vaccine process – he must go

26 March 2021

Reacting to the news that the CEO of the Beacon hospital facilitated the vaccination of teachers in his children’s school, Labour leader Alan Kelly has called for the resignation of the CEO.

Deputy Kelly said: 

“The actions of the CEO are scandalous and his position is now entirely untenable. Giving vaccines to teachers in his children’s school ahead of vulnerable patients in the hospital is simply unjustifiable. It’s beyond belief that the CEO thought this type of behaviour would be appropriate or acceptable and there is now a fundamental question over his judgement.

“Of course, this is not the first time that the hospital has put self-interest over the public good with its extremely belated decision to join the Covid fight a few months ago. This two-tier elitism is shocking, and unfortunately, has been enabled by the lack of a cohesive vaccine strategy from the Minister for Health.

“There is no way that we can continue with a situation where we can push that this vaccine is being rolled out in an equitable way. Everyone is shocked that such actions could be unilaterally taken by a private organisation. In doing so, the CEO has undermined the rollout of the vaccine.

“Furthermore, it undermines the good work that has gone on by so many people in the HSE. It’s an insult to vulnerable patients in his own hospital, its an insult to the next cohort who are patiently waiting for their turn, and its an insult to ordinary people who have played their part in the fight against Covid.

“There can be no space for grey in the rollout of this life saving vaccine. We’re not talking about All Ireland tickets. We’re talking about the difference between life and death. I am sickened to think that this level of privilege, elitism and commodification exists in society today. The Beacon CEO must go.”

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