NIAC clarification needed on use of AstraZeneca in under 60s

13 April 2021
  • In what scenarios might the benefit outweigh the risks?

Following the publication of NIAC advice on the AstraZeneca vaccine yesterday, Labour Party Leader and Health spokesperson Alan Kelly TD has called for it to clarify a key statement in the conclusion about the use of the vaccine in under 60’s where it says it could be used if the benefits outweighs the risks.

Deputy Kelly said:

“NIAC said in it’s conclusion yesterday that the vaccine ‘can be used in adults aged under 60 years where the benefits clearly outweigh the risk for that individual and the person has made an informed decision based on an understanding of the risks and benefits.’

“I think we need a clear statement from NIAC about what they mean by that, as it would seem to imply there are cases where this vaccine can be used by people aged under 60 if the risks are explained to them, and if the benefits are worthwhile.

“This issue was not covered in the four recommendations that followed the conclusion so it would be welcome if NIAC could provide some further clarification on what they meant in the statement included in the conclusion about the use of the vaccine by those aged under 60.

“The conclusion also said they will continue to review any new evidence and make further recommendations if required.”

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