With new advice on AstraZeneca clarity now needed from Health Minister

02 June 2021

Responding to the new advice from NIAC allowing for the gap between AstraZeneca vaccine doses to be reduced to 8 weeks, Labour Leader Alan Kelly said what the public will want to know is if it will be implemented, and called on the Minister for Health to provide clarity.

Deputy Kelly said:

“This is a welcome development from NIAC but we need clarity on whether the shorter 8 week gap between doses will now be implemented?

“I raised the issue twice at Leader’s Questions recently as there is significant public concern about the 12 week wait, and I’d been contacted by so many in the 60-69 age cohort worried about the emerging risk from the new delta variant.

“With this clear recommendation from NPHET and NIAC we need clarity from the Minister for Health if he will act to implement this new advice.”

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