Political will to deliver Metrolink gone

04 October 2021

Labour transport spokesperson Duncan Smith said the downgrading of Metrolink in the National Development Plan published today shines a light on the total lack of political will to deliver Metrolink.

Deputy Smith said:

“It is truly disappointing that to see there is no commitment from government in the NDP to a completion date for Metrolink. Metrolink was due to be the biggest of sustainable mobility projects, with at least €219 million spent on the proposals to date. Yet government was unable to commit a date to paper in the NDP published today. The short-termism displayed by this government is hugely disappointing and it represents another blow to the communities that have patiently waited for a public transport solution.

“Metrolink is vital to communities in North County Dublin and inner city Dublin to enable people to commute quickly and cheaply, but most importantly, sustainably. While the government continues to kick the can on this, people are returning to workplaces in their cars, leading to further emissions in our atmosphere that could be avoided if this government was serious about our climate commitments. Metrolink is essential in order to achieve the necessary modal shift to public transport in Dublin Fingal and inner city communities.

“The downgrading of Metrolink while keeping it on the agenda proves to me that the political will to deliver it is gone from this government. We badly need Metrolink to ensure that there are sustainable travel options. These communities have already lived with broken promises, growing congestion and worsening pollution for almost two decades. By the NDP published today, it looks like they have been abandoned by government yet again.”

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