Reckless DUP resignation won’t resolve protocol or social issues in Northern Ireland

03 February 2022

Responding to the resignation of the DUP First Minister, Labour Party Leader and spokesperson on Northern Ireland, Alan Kelly TD said it was a reckless political move that won’t help resolve issues with the protocol or deliver solutions to the problems impacting on the lives of people in the North. Deputy Kelly said:

“The decision of the DUP First Minister to resign is a calculated and reckless decision that is more about trying to rebuild their political base, then address the issues facing Northern Ireland.

“This latest cynical move won’t resolve their concerns with the Protocol, nor will it help fix the many problems impacting on the people of Northern Ireland. The efforts of the DUP to politicise public servants on the enforcement of post-Brexit checks is also deeply regrettable and unacceptable when it was their pursuit of a hard Brexit that resulted in the current settlement.

“After months of threats and playing games with the stability of the Good Friday institutions, this stunt today ends any recent progress on delivering the commitments in New Decade New Approach which helped restore the Executive after three years.

“It won’t address hospital waiting lists, pass critical legislation on climate or progress work on an integrated society and integrated education which has hardly moved an inch in recent years.

“What people in Northern Ireland want to see is progress on public services, a decent and fair society, and real efforts to address the legacy of the past. As I said in November, I believe that our biggest priority for everyone on this island should be getting a home, getting the medical treatment you need, and providing for your children, whether you live in East Wall Dublin, or East Belfast.

“It is now incumbent on the UK Government to ensure the institutions are protected and deliver on their treaty obligations.”

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